The Puffy, Pink Princess NOT a Zappa Fan, it Seems

OK, class. Multiple choice.

In the classic Frank Zappa song, “Stink Foot”, his dog explains to him that the Crux of the Biscuit is the…

A. Soft, Creamy Center
B. Diamond Ring Hidden Inside
C. The Xanax to Help the Panicked Pink Princess Sleep
D. The Apostrophe

Pencils down.  Here are the relevant lyrics,

Well then Fido got up off the floor an’ he rolled over
An’ he looked me straight in the eye
An’ you know what he said?
Once upon a time
Somebody say to me
(This is a dog talkin’ now)
What is your Conceptual Continuity?
Well, I told him right then
(Fido said)
It should be easy to see
The crux of the biscuit
Is the Apostrophe(‘)

Sarah Palmer, who continues to helpfully incriminate herself and provide substance to my allegation of “abuse of process” is unaware of this basic fact. But let’s look at what she presents as a transcript, and she would never lie about such a thing.


1. No, she did not want to hear “my side of this.” She wanted an answer to the question, “Did I contact Sarah Palmer?” Not “why,” not “did I have a legal reason to do so,” not an explanation of my reasoning for which I was attempting to lay the groundwork.
2. The Judge didn’t even look at the stack of papers, the evidence that Sarah Palmer had spent the past two years defaming me, which begs the question of why a woman so TEWWIBWY FWIGHTENED of the SIGHT OF MY NAME continues to write about me in a defamatory way day after day.
We continue.
3. Actually, it was only 134 pages of excerpts. I was rattled at this point as the judge had already forbidden me to object to evidence, and had cut me off in the middle of trying to explain my reasons for contacting Palmer.
4. She’s not interested in my reasons for trying to contact Sarah, which were valid and legal. I needed her correct address so the US Marshals would have the correct address to serve the summons in my lawsuit. And as a person potentially wronged by Palmer if she had, in fact (and we never got an answer to the question) filed a restraining order against me in Rockingham County while living in Giulford County, I had a right to know the truth. Who the hell else was I supposed to ask, if not Sarah?
5. An answer from Sarah to that simple question, we say thank you and we move on to sending her summons to the correct address.
Let’s take a look at the North Carolina stalking/harassment law upon which the restraining order is based.
I HAD A LEGAL PURPOSE. As a pro se party in a lawsuit, it was my job to determine her correct address. As a potential crime victim, I wanted to know if she had, in fact, lied on her application for the previous restraining order.
I HAD NO INTENT TO STALK! My purpose was to get a simple answer to a simple question. My “intent” was never discussed because I was not allowed to bring it up.
REASONABLE FEAR? Of WHAT? That this disabled 62-year old man would endure a painful 8 hour bus ride to strangle her with my mustache? Key word: REASONABLE!
If Palmer was in “substantial emotional stress placing her in fear of death, bodily injury or continued harassment and that, in fact, caused her substantial emotional distress,” suppose what would happen if she had targeted an ACTUAL dangerous person for two years of harassment! She was putting on an act for the judge, and the judge was eating it with a spoon.
THREATENING OR MALICIOUS BEHAVIORS? Where are the threats? What was malicious in my asking, politely, if I had her correct address or if she lied on a form she signed under penalty of perjury? Did I threaten to damage property or injure anyone? Was my intent to abuse or harass, or was it to get information I need to assist preparing my case against her? Did I embarrass her? She does that to herself every time she writes a blog entry. Did I extort money or a “thing of value?”
In other words, I met NONE of the requirements needed to secure a restraining order against her, a fact I will prove in court she KNEW. The blog will prove her malicious intent and ulterior motive in the initiation of a legal process with an aim of doing something that legal process was not meant to accomplish.
But I do appreciate her providing the evidence I will use against her, and I hope she keeps it coming.

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