Meet Robin Dale Roberts, aka SPQR, aka SPQRZILLA, aka SPQRZILLA9

Robin Dale Roberts, from all outward appearances, seems like a nice guy. Bearded, burly outdoorsman, attorney with his fingers in many specialties like copyright and intellectual property law. Here’s his profile.

Quite an impressive list of accomplishments. Educator, 2nd Amendment Enthusiast.

Big, burly and brave. Except not so much for the last one.
For the past several years, Mr. Robin Dale Roberts of Canon City, Colorado, has been part of the regular name-calling, hate-mongering and outright defamation that goes on daily at blogs like Hogewash, BillySez and the Thinking Man’s Zombie.
What? Another #FailDox? Ask Sarah Palmer, Patrick Grady, George Meredith Howell, Marvin J. Rodriguez and Eric P. Johnson about my so-called “fail doxes.” True, I’ve missed a few. But some are better at covering their tracks than others. 
Mr. Robin Dale Roberts, not so good at the track covering.
A username search at Peek You led me to a Robin J. Roberts in Colorado. They got the middle name wrong. But they were correct about the username “sqprzilla” belonging to a Robin Roberts in Colorado.
Here begins the detective work.
The fictional SPQR has a long and storied history on Twitter, blogs and other online entities, as well as being a frequent commenter on other blogs, such as Patterico.
Other shared interests between SPQR and Mr. Robin Dale Roberts?
Both fans of blogger Ron Coleman.

A shared interest in

Both aficionados of Larry Correia

Frequent Commenters on Patterico

And neither of them cares a bit for Brett Kimberlin.

Still not convinced? Stay with me.

SPQRZILLA competed in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) competition.

So did Robin Dale Roberts.

SPQRZILLA was a Wildlife Hunter Education Instructor. SO WAS ROBERTS!

They are both attorneys with interests in the same areas.





If you are still not convinced?


And, like Robin Dale Roberts, SPQR lives in Canon City, CO

If there is a reader still in doubt that Attorney Robin Dale Roberts and commenter SPQRZILLA are one and the same person, then there is nothing I can say to convince you.
But why is this important?
I wanted to be absolutely certain I was tagging the right person for these following comments.

Fortunately for Mr. Robin Dale Roberts, there is nothing in the Colorado Bar Association Canon of Ethics requiring him to be a “nice person.” I do believe, however, that hiding behind a pseudonym to attack and defame a person who has never done him a moment’s harm would qualify as a ding on his record.
Defamation is “not nice.” It is the making of a statement that is published and seen by more than one person that is untrue and casts a person in a negative light. In these brief examples, Mr. Roberts calls me a demented sociopath with violent criminal friends. Untrue. I am neither demented in the sense Mr. Roberts uses the word, nor a sociopath. I have a friend, Brett Kimberlin, who was convicted for a series of violent acts 40 years ago, did his time, and is out living the best sort of life he can.
I am not a psychopath. I do not have “a mental disorder.” I do not “worship a violent, pedophiliac sociopath violent criminal.” The rash on my face was caused by an autonomic disorder that goes with Parkinson’s disease called “seborrhoeic dermatitis.” Not syphilis. 
All of those things are untrue. They are PROVABLY untrue. They cast me in a negative light. Therefore, they are defamation.
At the moment, I do not intend to add Mr. Robin Dale Roberts to the Federal Lawsuit in the US District Court for the District of South Carolina where WJJ Hoge III, Patrick Grady, Eric P. Johnson and Sarah Palmer are defendants.
And I am not engaging in a sneak attack on Mr. Robin Dale Roberts. I wrote to him on Saturday to tell him I was going to do this. THAT explains his silence on his usual defamation boards for the last few days.
What I am going to do, however, is send a copy of this post to the nice lady who wrote the nice news story about the new law office in Canon City. I am going to send it to every major Colorado newspaper. I am going to send it to every Colorado blogger who will print it. And, I will file a citizen’s complaint with the Colorado Bar Association.

Anonymous cowards can stay cowards. But they cannot stay anonymous when someone really, really wants to find out who they are.
We call this an “object lesson.”

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