I Can Explain Patrick Grady’s Relentless Hatred

When my Gail was still alive, if the police came to our house to convey some outrageous accusation, my wife would have believed me instantly. That’s the benefit of truly knowing someone and what they are capable, and incapable, of doing. Such an event happened on the evening of September 1, 2012 when Lee Stranahan called the Dallas cops claiming I had threatened to rape him, his wife, his kids and god knows who else. The Dallas cops called the Howard County, Maryland, cops, who came to my house.

Gail and I sat on the couch laughing as the officer told us what Stranahan had alleged. Then I took him to my computer to show him what I had actually written. The policeman apologized for bothering us and filed a report completely absolving me.

Same thing for every other false accusation. My late wife believed me. She knew me.

Tracey Grady, the ex-wife of Defendant Patrick Grady, knew her husband as well. And Grady knew his wife had him on a tight leash.

In 2010, under his own name, he wrote this on a blog called 48days.net.

Does anyone here suffer from bipolar disorder?

Does anyone also suffer from overprotective family always on the watch for that footstep on the manic tripwire?

As a sufferer of the disorder, I am prone to big ideas and big plans.  Big ideas and big plans = manic behavior.

Manic behavior = BAD.

But… big plans and big ideas = creating work I love = SUCCESS.



Basically, I hate my job, and I think of lots of things I could do to create income while I work my way out from under the current job.  But every time I open my mouth, my wife says “Sounds like manic behavior to me,” and that’s the end of that.

But wait…here’s comes the REAL curveball.  Not only am I bipolar, but my 15 year old son is disabled – spina bifida.  Health insurance is very, very important at my house!

5 years ago, I thought I was boxed in because I couldn’t pay my debts.  Then I found Dave Ramsey and I’ve dragged my wife kicking and screaming almost to the point of freedom.  But this – I have no defense, because I am bipolar, and I am prone to big thoughts & plans, and she absolutely refuses to a) open up to Dan Miller or Dave Ramsey or Zig Ziglar or any other positive thinker that I read or listen to.  Even the Bible doesn’t hold any water against her will.  Because – and I can’t help but love the irony – the act of me engaging in an argument, or even a conversation that involves me saying “You know, I respectfully disagree with you,” constitutes manic behavior!

How’s that for a vicious circle?

So – anybody out there have any escape routes that I haven’t found?


Further, he wrote:

I’ve been coordinating FPU for 4 years. Every now and then I get a chance to sit down with students and dig into their finances and help them develop plans to get back on track. Whenever I finish, I float back to my car, filled with joy.

Whenever I talk about personal finance, I feel like I’m going to explode with passion! I can write, I can speak in front of crowds as long as I’m well prepared, and I have felt for all my adult life that I missed my calling to be a teacher!

I know I can monetize this. there are dozens of possible markets and vehicles. The only thing I can’t do is find the time.

I would love to get out of corporate America. I work for a Fortune 500 company, and I feel anonymous and stifled.

The big anchor that keeps me there is the fact that I have a 14 year old son with spina bifida, a crippling birth defect, and I am a diabetic. The need for health insurance is enormous, and I cannot right now see a way to go in the direction God is calling me without putting my health and the health of my son in jeopardy.

I have computer programming and analysis skills, but that’s not my calling.

I love solving problems and teaching people how to solve their own.

I can write – I’ve adapted a novel to a screenplay (for practice) and written a novel and short stories. I find myself drawn toward essays and sermons nowadays, when the mood comes upon me.

I will find a reason to stand up in front of almost any open microphone. I’m not afraid to embarrass myself in front of others.

Nobody knows a man like his wife. File that thought away for a moment as we continue with this explanation for the relentless hatred Patrick Grady has for me.

Two years after Grady began his hate blog, The Thinking Man’s Zombie, (and yes, we have proven Grady to be the author of the blog), I decided to take action. My wife died in June 2015. Grady had posted a picture I took of my wife, at her request, to send to two individuals with the instructions that it was not to be published. One of these individuals sent it to Grady who splashed it all over the Internet.

On March 26, 2016, I wrote to the Saint Francis, WI police and the Milwaukee County District Attorney.

I, William M. Schmalfeldt, Sr., of [redacted] Saint Francis, WI 53235 do swear under penalty of perjury that the following account of criminal activity is true to the best of my knowledge and as a citizen of the City of Saint Francis, I ask for a police investigation into my complaint.

(I listed the description in Wisconsin law of defamation, libel and harassment and demanded the police take action.)

Since April 2014, Patrick Grady — using the pseudonym “Paul Krendler” — has made a daily practice of stalking complainant via his blog at http://thinkingmanzombie.com, reporting on complainants actual and imagined activities, causing fear of imminent bodily injury or death in complainant in violation of §940.32(a)(b)(c)
Complainant has ascertained that “Paul Krendler” is in fact the aforementioned Patrick Grady of Palatine, Illinois, through means described in attachment A.
By making blanket statements that complainant is a child pornographer, and knowing that this public blog is read by all manner of people including mentally unhinged people who may seek to gain retribution against complainant for his non-existent acts of child pornography, complainant lives in daily fear for his own life and safety, as well as the management and residents at the [redacted] in Saint Francis, WI.
Complainant takes the personal insults made by the alleged defendant as what they are… childish blather by a person admittedly diagnosed with bipolar disease and a self-professed sociopathic nature. However the following statements, made March 26, 2016 on Grady’s blog cross the line between opinion and defamation.
“BEING a child pornographer isn’t a crime…but calling Bill Schmalfeldt, child pornographer, a child pornographer is?
I suppose that makes sense…if you’re a DUMBFUCK.
I’ll just have to be satisfied with saying
So you see it would seem that saying
is among the least of your worries, huh?
But when I call Cindy, whose number you have already so helpfully provided, idiot, it won’t matter if I tell them you are something that’s criminal, such as a documented stalker of children, or something that’s not, like a child pornographer.
I loves me some burner phone!”
“When retired idiot with no self-control or internal filter decides to record and distribute audio sex depictions of minors from his Catholic Church owned and operated apartment, I think his landlords should know.”
“I picture Unca DUMBFUCK’S wife dead and powdery in a clock, his children blissfully oblivious to his entire execrable existence, while he scours the web looking for butthurt and manipulates a coterie of Amazon Vagina Warrior Princesses to go forth and fight the flame wars he started. There’s mountain of improvement to climb before such a situation could be reasonably called anything so positive as ‘very sad.’”
“I picture Unca DUMBFUCK’S wife dead and powdery in a clock, his children blissfully oblivious to his entire execrable existence, while he scours the web looking for butthurt and manipulates a coterie of Amazon Vagina Warrior Princesses to go forth and fight the flame wars he started. There’s mountain of improvement to climb before such a situation could be reasonably called anything so positive as ‘very sad.’”
Complainant maintains being repeatedly and falsely accused of child pornography causes emotional distress and places him in fear of his life and/or safety.
Complainant maintains that Grady’s frequent mentions about Complainant’s deceased wife causes extreme emotional distress.
Complainant maintains that Grady’s constant threats to call the management at Juniper Courts to demand my removal places him in fear of his life and/or safety and places him under extreme emotional distress.
These actions happen with enough frequency to satisfy the “course of conduct” language in the statues.
Complainant has brought these activities to the attention of the Saint Francis Police Department several times, and they choose to ignore him.
The Milwaukee County DA says Complainant needs to begin a criminal action by filing a report with the Saint Francis Police Department.
If the Saint Francis Police Department continues to disregard complainant’s real concerns and fears, he will have no recourse but to seek redress from the Circuit Court for Milwaukee County.
Dated this 26th day of March, 2016
Signed under penalty of perjury
On the 27th, I received a call from the St. Francis Police telling me they would contact an Illinois agency to discuss the matter with Mr. Grady. I assume they did so that day.
On the 28th, Tracey Grady filed for divorce.
Remember. Nobody knows you like your spouse. I’m guessing that after the police visit when my complaint was laid out before the Gradys, Mrs. Grady asked her husband if any of it was true. Either he denied it or he confessed to it. If he denied it, she obviously did not believe it.
Imagine living with a man for all those years, having children with him, then realizing that his mental disorder was so out of control, he had been waging a two year hate war against a man who publicly identified him as the author of a harassing comment on his blog. Learning that this man, supposedly working all day, was spending his work days feeding the monster that his hatred had created, going as far as to posting pictures that were never meant for publication, that were not sent to him in the first place, sending disgusting photos of corpses being raped after autopsy. Imagine the sudden realization that the man you knew was bipolar and given to making rash, bad decisions was not just mentally ill, but a monster.
I notified the police on March 26, 2016. She filed for divorce on March 28. Coincidence?
Probably not. On March 29, an infuriated “Paul Krendler” wrote on his blog…

  1. “Well, the first thing you should know is, we have people…everywhere.”
  2. “Um…’Yawn?’”
  3. “Coffee is the highlight of the day so far.”
  4. “You’re a DUMBFUCK. But this isn’t news to anyone. Least of all the St. Francis Police Department.(Who mentioned the SFPD? Certainly not me, not in THAT tweet. — Ed.)
  5. “Thanks for the OUTSTANDING Monkeydancing yesterday. Truly spectacular! You really brought your A-game.”
  6. “I shudder to think how much material you’d have saved if you were really the stalker that NINE RESTRAINING ORDERS IN FIVE STATES say you are.”
  7. “Looks like today is going to be a beautiful day. Maybe some lucky local member of the Horde will happen to see you taking a rolly stroll this afternoon. You just never know, do you?”
  8. “The intimacy of your knowledge of the priorities and inner workings of law enforcement processes is truly mind-boggling.”
  9. “But not in the way you think it is.”
  10. “Seriously – if it worked the way you say, you’d be the – well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?”
  11. “You might need a caliper to measure your balls…I use a wheelbarrow just to tote mine around.”
  12. “A really BIG wheelbarrow.”

Anything else you wanna hear, DUMBFUCK?

Anything else to add, Horde ?

The highlighted vague threats? The mention of the St. Francis Police Department? This explosion of rage the day after being curbstomped by his ex-wife?

Yeah. Patrick Grady is angry at me. This is part of the reason. The rest of the story is yet to be told. But it will be.


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