414 Gregory Avenue, Apt. 1C, Glendale Heights, IL

Patrick Grady pretends I don’t know who he is. He also thinks I am hiding from him.

Patrick Grady is wrong.

Charade? The King of Kowardly Kringing sees a charade here?

Why in the world would I give a rat’s patoot if he knows where I live.

I know where HE lives.

On another site I operate, he gave himself away… AGAIN!

Twice within the past couple days, that website was visited by someone who lives in Glendale Heights, IL.

Two minutes after the visit. Grady posted on his website, advertising my address. I really do not care. This ain’t the Ritz, but there’s an ocean 100 yards away.

I don’t think they HAVE a beach in Glendale Heights

Ah! The beautiful Stonegate Apartments.

Grady enjoys posting reviews about the two temporary locations I hung my hat before finding permanent lodging. Turns out he ain’t livin’ in the Taj Mahal neither!

There are more, some even worse than this. Check it out.

OOOH! Looks like Grady wrote his OWN review!

Bankruptcy and divorce will do that to a man!

The point here being, if you have nothing to hide, WHY HIDE?

Unless you’re a COWARD.


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